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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Is For All You Book Nerds :) Part 1

 Somebody messaged me on asking what some of my favorite books are and I though it would make a pretty awesome post so here it goes! Be warned! I'm a total book nerd so this list might be incredibly long! And this is only part 1! :)

Seriously Inspiring: All those books that just inspire you to do something. Girl power!

  • My Life In Pink And Green- Lisa Greenwald This book is really good! It has beauty tips, money tips and is just a really cute and inspiring book about being green.
  • Oh My Gods!- Terra Lynn Childs Such a good book! It for some reason it inspires me to run! Its also has cute boys and powers! :)
  • Abby Hayze #1- Okay this book is for younger kis and its really short but it always inspires me to practice soccer! Haha
  • Going For The Record- This book is extremly sad but its inspiring to get in shape! This incredibly good soccer player's dad is struggleing with cancer and school.
  • Any Sarah Dessen books! They are so good! One of my favorite authors! My favorites are Lock and Key, Truth About Forever, and What Happened To Goodbye.
  • North Of Beautiful- Sper good! Its about a girl struggling with a port wine stain (Really big birthmark on her face) and she just kinda learns to be herself.
  • 1-800-WHERE-R-U: Meg Cabot These are so good! I couldnt put them down! One of my favorite authors to! What if you got struck by lightning and woke up with the psychic ability to find missing people?.
  • Size 12 Is Not Fat- Meg Cabot Washed up popstar Heather Wells starts working at a college as an assistant dorm director but then the dead body of a female college student is found and  And nothing ticks off a killer more than a ex-pop star who's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong . . .
  • Three Black Swans-Caroline B. Cooney  "the truth changes the lives of three families—as the bonds of blood must withstand the strains of long-hidden secrets that are at last revealed" -Barnes and Noble
  • Four Truths and a Lie- Lauren Barnholdt This is one of those books that if you judge it by the cover, you would never read it! It looks like its written for 8 year olds but its so good! This girl has a bad past and she moves to a boarding school. In her english class they have pen pas with the neighboring bys school and her pen pal threatens to tell her secret if she dosnt figure out the four truths and a lie.


  1. Thanx for telling me this! I think i will read some of those books!

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  3. Haha okay! Thatll be my next post!

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