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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little About Me

Since you'll be reading about my life I thought it would make it a little more enjoyable to know some stuff about me. I'm OBSESSED with soccer! Hence the name. ;) No joke, I play during every season of the year! Since i've never had a boyfriend (or kissed a boy) it's my true love! We've been together since I was 4! I know this is gonna sound extremely cheesy but when I play soccer I forget about all my problems and insecurities all that matters is me and the ball. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not the nicest player and I throw some seriously Nasty elbows but... :) At school I'm not the most popular girl but at soccer everyone loves me (including the boys!!!). I have some amazing hair that's dirty blond, bright teal eyes, big nose and freckles. I also love running , can't wait for track! I'm completely obsessed with make up and fashion, own more hair stuff and perfume than I could ever use, constantly lose my socks, HATE math (and my teacher), talk to much in class, and am a TOTAL book nerd. I read way to much! :) love shoes and flowy tanks, My fav band is safetysuit, I love the color green, fight way to much with my parents and my best friend for LIFE's name is Jessie. Now you know a bunch of completely random facts about me!


  1. Ohmigod when I say I'm exactly like you, i'm not even kidding! Only instead of soccer, I play softball, but feel the exact same way about it!! Pleaaaaase keep posting!(: and how old are you? 12? 13? I was wondering if you could give me some advice (I'm 13 in exactly 10 days in case you're wondering)! Thanks!

  2. Okay... So this is going to be really long:
    There's this guy in my theater class. We talk a bunch, and I really like him. My friend thinks he likes me, too, which makes me SO happy! I just feel comfortable with him and he makes me smile every time I talk to him. But, now we've moved on to group work, and he's not in my group, so I only get to talk to him for, like, 2 mins at the beginning of class, and then we walk in the hall together to our next class. My birthday is in 10 days, and I want to have my party in 2 weeks. I really want to ask him for his number (oh, gosh, I really want his number!!) so we can talk a bunch more. I'm kinda nervous to ask, but how could I casually get his number in, like, the 2 mins before class?? Any ideas?? Thanks SO much(:

  3. OMG! Are we twins or something?!? :P I had the exact same problem!
    I know it seems pretty freaky to ask a guy for his number, but my friend showed me this article in seventeen and it said 80% of guys want the girl to make the first move! So find an excuse to take out your phone, have a friend text you or something, then causally say "Hey, you should text me sometime! What's your number?" sounds like you talk to him quite a bit at school so it shouldn't be any different texting so probably won't think its wierd! Just go for it! :) hope this helps! :)

    1. That's great advice.. But I can't have my phone out in class!! :/ but, I figured it out!! I found out he definitely likes me today, so tomorrow I'm just gonna say “Okay, so I know you like, so I might as well just give me your number(:" hehe thanks anyway!!

  4. Omg!! That's so awesome! :) you've gotta tell me how it goes! I'm really happy for you! Good luck :)