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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Beginning...

To start this blog I figured it'd be best to tell you why I've decided to write this. I could make up some sappy story about how It's my life dream to become a writer or how I was so overcome with emotion I had to put it somewhere but to be honest the reason (other than to catch up with the 21st century) I started this is because I'm sick of my mom snooping around for my diary. Lets just say she's a little "nosy". Understatement of the year! :) To sum it all up this blog is for those who can't wait to be a teenager (crazies!!), those who wanna reassure themselves their not the only ones forced to go through all the crap we we expirience every day, and for those who want to hear a story of a girl who looks so normal on the outside but Is so different on the inside.... Enjoy!

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  1. Thats amazing, really great idea to start 1 and I just came yesterday to your blog and I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!