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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Redecorating! :)

So since I was eight I've begged to paint my room, but (thankfully!!) my parents never let me because I know if I did it would be really kiddish and I'd be so sick of it by now. Well recently my parents said I can paint my room!! :) I'm so happy because ever since we moved here my rooms been white. Boring! :) But I have one small problem: I can't decide!!! :O I've narrowed it down to two color combinations, a light seafoam green and light reddish pink, and the same green color and a light lilac purple. Look at the color combinations below and tell me which matches better with my room and tell me what your favorite is!


  1. i woould go for the second combination.. that seefoam green is amazing! it is my favorite color...

    oh, and i love that purple chair, i can only imagine how good it's gonna look with a light lilac purple color on ur wall....

    xxx honey

  2. I love that green color too, so gorgeous! I think it looks sooo pretty with that pink, it reminds me of an Arizona can. However, I think the purple would look a bunch better with your room. I think that while your painting you should redecorate and rearrange a little too. If you want any help with that email me, I love designing on a budget, at
    <3 Love and Luck,

  3. ahh sorry i spelled my own email wrong (embarrassing) its actually lizzie.halligan.... sorry haha

  4. the blue and the purple look so good together!!!