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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Become a Better Runner

It's almost time for spring sports to start and I'm pumped for track so it inspired me to do a post on running tips. So this post is for everybody who is in track, plays softball, or just wants to do better in gym class. :)

Bored With Your Workouts?
  • Bring a friend! I love going on runs with friends! It's way more entertaining, It's fun to do stuff would you rather or try to out do each other with the worst corny jokes.
  • Make a play list of all your most exciting songs that make you wanna dance! I HAVE to have music if im running, I find it gets boring with out it.
Can't Get Motivated?
  • If I really can't get motivated to run I tell myself that I only have to do it for 5 minutes. After awile you forget about it and just keep running.
  • Set goals. This helps me soo much! So whether you wanna run your mile under 6 minutes or you wanna be able to run 5K, as long as you know what you want to do it will get you motivated to accomplish it!
  • Always stretch! It is way more likely that you will get injured if you don't stretch than if you do! Nobody wants a snapped tendon, so please stretch!
  • Foam rollers are lifesavers!! Just get on the floor and roll it over any thing that's sore, for example your back, thighs, or shins.
And always remember just R.U.N! :) And while your at it please do your best not to be like these guys!!


  1. That is really helpful! THANX! Also how did you get that icon for your blog? I want one! Any way thatnx for leaving that comment on my blog!

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