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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boy Next Door

What a cute cliche! :) So this summer (mid august) my brother noticed a moving truck at the house that had had a for sale sign up for the past 5 months, he creepily watched them with binoculars! Haha we had no clue who they were. I totally forgot about it till the end of the soccer season (end of oct.), well I rode the bus home and I found the CUTEST GUY EVER!!! He sat across from me and kept staring at me! I'm not gonna lie at first I thought he was a total creep! :) well me being the total book nerd I am I whipped out my book and started reading, well he kept talking to me! Turns out he had a girlfriend :/ He's like the coolest guy I've ever met! There's 2 total idiot who rides my bus, Lucas and Brandon. They are the biggest Perverts I've ever met! Well brandon was talking about another guys thingy... I gave him this weird look and he goes "shut up Summer!!" And wesley (the sexy beast who's known as the boy next door!) goes "Wth?!? How can she shut up if she didn't say anything?!? Ur such an idiot". The next day he was like "did you do something to your hair? :P looks good." I had it wavy that day :) Then i wanted to see something so my friend and i were walking down the hall, she turned around and was like omg! Hes totally checking out your but! Then the next day he dumped his gf! (they got back together :/ ) but like 2 weeks later he talked to me a lot less. Then my friend gave him my # and was like u should text this girl :) she's pretty! He was like "summer?" he's a really boring texted though! :) then last Friday he and Arie BROKE UP!!!! :) now he talks to me way more and we flirt constantly! Idk if he likes me though! Please comment below (also if you have any cute ideas on how we could hang out!) I'm confused by the mixed signals!!!! Help... :)


  1. Such a cute post! Thanks for following.

  2. What a cute post! I think he's interested in you, just invite him over to hang out and watch a movie, or if you get invited to a party or hang out with some friends invite him to come along. Cute blog!
    xx, Kels

  3. Haha now I'm all into your blog! :) So he definitely is interested in you, as in he thinks you're pretty and have a good personality or whatever but he doesn't necessarily want to date you. He might, but the drama with his girlfriend could be a problem if they keep breaking up and getting back together. It sounds to me like things are not completely finished with them. So I would say just keep hanging out with him and being his friend and enjoying his company since it seems to make you happy but don't rule out any other guys who catch your eye! (And definitely wait for him to make the first move! If he wants to go out with you, he'll do something about it.)

  4. Your blog is so cute:) and I totally think he's interested In you!!:)

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