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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tragedy Strikes...

On February 24th, 2012 tragedy struck. The sharp snapping sound of a pair of scissors sliced through the air, and suddenly the world lost 99.9% of it's known cuteness. Okay, maaaybe I'm exaggerating a little bit... more like 95% because there's still Taylor Lautner and puppies! But on this very sad day Wesley (The boy next door!) cut off his incredibly cute curls that made him look way different (and cuter!) then most guys! Now he just looks like the average only decently cute guy... Haha I sound like such a boy crazy teenager! :)
But thats not all... me and Jessie are pretty convinced he was trying to hide it from us! we were on the bus already when he got on but we ended up moving because a bunch of little kids were sitting by us and singing about bra's... Haha that sounded ridiculous! So anyway, when we moved up he put his hood up and was tilting his head away from us so we wouldn't see him. It was pretty obvious he didn't want us to see it, but I have absolutely no idea why... comment if you have any clue why!


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