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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Happened To Bros Before Hoes?

For some reason at my school when a girl gets a boyfriend she is a total jerk to all her friends, its like they've never heard of bros before hoes. well i never thought it would happen to me. I was dead wrong.
So like 3 days ago my best friend got a new boyfriend. I'm really happy for her and he's awesome. But now I'm mad because apparently I have nothing interesting to say ( she actually told me this) so its okay for her to totally ignore me when I'm talking to her so she can giggle texting her bf. And when I do talk to her all she ever talks about is Colby. I complement her all the time but iv gotten about 3 complements from her since september, and its not cuz she doesn't give complements she tells TaNia one everyday.I swear I know everything about him and I'm not dating him! I know his favorite fruit!! I could've gone my entire life never not knowing that he loves strawberries but she thought I had to know. Well now she's stopped texting me and ditches me for him. She told my other friend when I was talking to her about it and I guess my other best friend thinks I need to grow up. I love my friends. :/ guess I'm hanging with my other friends for a while. God I miss elementary school when nobody had drama unless it involved who got the boy Polly pocket!


  1. Ugh that stinks :/ poor you! I would HATE that if my friend did that. But lol for girls I call it "hoes before bros" (like girls before guys) just because me and my friends call each other bad names like pet names! Lol

    1. yah... my friends suck right now! :/ just found out my other bff's been talking crap about me! Haha i've been hanging with some other friends though :) thats so awesome! I shoulda called it that!

  2. That totally sucks! I dont think that kids our age (13 and under) should even have bf/gf relationships. I think that we could talk and flirt but stuff like dating should wait.

  3. Hmmm, well as a 23 year old (that probably seems SO old :) who stumbled across this blog just now from elleandblair's website, and hasn't read anything else on your blog yet, I just wanted to say that this never changes as you get older. Growing up, girls always act different once they get a boyfriend. Their bf takes precedence in their lives and their friends get shoved to the side. This will continue to happen through the years no matter how old you get. I haven't seen one of my best friends in about 2 months because she's been so busy with her new boyfriend. It's annoying; she's known me for 12 years, she's known him for 5 months. If this is your friend's first relationship, it probably feels extremely intense- it's an important milestone in her life. I would say just try to be understanding and supportive and forgive your friend for her flaws... believe it or not, when you get a bf you just might end up being as obsessed as she is! But if she's really too annoying to be around, just focus on hanging out with other friends and cultivating other relationships. I hope this is good advice and good luck! :)

  4. a rude! Who does she think she is! I don't mean to be rude to them but really. They could be alot nicer to you!

  5. Honestly, just tell her what shes doing to you. My BFF has had about ten million boyfriends in the past two years. Never once did I feel like I was bieng left out because of her boyfirend. We had only like one class together (Choir blahh) so its not ike we had tht much time in school to tak. Honestly, girls shouldn't take relationships so seriosly when were young. My other BFF has already been in an physically abusive relationship and we haven't even started our Sophmore year!!!!! people need to stop growing up so fast and just stop to smell the flowers along the way! ENJOY LIFE!!! o and ur friends r bieng jerks and you need new ones. unless your like me and can't hold a grudge for your life. it took me a whole year to get rid of one of my ex-friends who is the most depressign person ever. (IRPNYY- the reason were not friends anymore is because she stopped talking to everyone because of her knew boyfirnd) well ya good luck!