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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Tips! :)

So I was asked by one of my followers to do a post on blogging tips. So here it goes! :)

Favicons: This ones for you Meg! :P Haha so the favicon is the little picture next to your websites address. Like this!

It needs to be a really small picture so you have to go to a website that makes your picture smaller-click here for the website. Pick the desired picture you want and choose Merge with a 32x32 desktop icon. Click create image. Then save it to your computer and go to layout on your blogger overview page with all your stats and stuff. In the top left corner there's a white box that says favicon, click edit. then click choose file, and find the really small picture you just made. 

How to Get Viewers: 
  • I find blogs that are really popular like Michelle Phan's or Elle and Blair's and comment on them with links to my blog. Write a little discription of what your blogs about. By doing this I've gotten over 2,000 views in a little more than a month!
  • Comment or follow on other blogs you find. You can find them by looking on the links above.
  • Post on Facebook, twitter or any other social network or add a link to your email.
  • Make sure your posts have tags. It makes it much easier for people to find.
Good Quality Posts:
  • Make sure your blog has good quality posts and isn't obnoxious! It drives me crazy while reading a post with misspelled words or when its written in ALL CAPS LOCKS!!!!!!!!! And having 9 exclamation points is not helping any either.
  • Make sure your titles and sentences are properly capitalized. It just makes your blog look unproffesional and bad.
  •  Make it look professional and make sure the writing is easy to read and its big enough.
  • Make sure your blog looks good and your background fits what you blogs about.For example if your blogs about boy video games dont have a butterfly backround.There are so many blog templates out there that you can find the perfect one that fits your blogs mood.


  1. Heey this a really good post, I'm trying to get followers and readers so this will help me a lot :)

  2. hey!
    i think your blog ''type'' is like mine somehow, so im following you:)
    great post btw!

  3. Could you check out my blog? It is pretty much makeup fashion and hair! Pretty Please?

  4. Heya! What a fab and useful post! Would love it if you would check out mine, just starting it and loving it so far :)

    Great blog, thanks .


  5. Very well said :) And I agree, bad quality posts makes me wince. Hahaha.