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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horrific Week

So this past week and a half have been the worst of my life!!! There's been so much friend drama, family drama, school sucks... the list goes on! let me explain:

I'm grounded AGAIN! That's why it's taken me forever to make new posts, my ipods been kidnapped! My mother seems to think she bought it and has the right to tell me when I can use it and where I can take it. I was washing my face one night listening to my ipod and my mom says "Why are you using your ipod?!?!!? I didn't say you could!". Then me and my best friend were joking and said something about a cute guy and she was EAVESDROPPING! Then she yelled at us and now Jessie's afraid to come to my house! Yesterday i came home after school and she was trying to start a fight with me! She has some serious anger problems to work out...

We recently started a new semester at school, so i have a bunch of new classes, which include woods and FAC's which are considered THE WORST classes by every kid at my school. In woods my phone went of so I got crap from the teacher for that, so he took it for like 3 minutes then gave it back... He's one of my least favorite teachers I've ever had, he thinks he's hilarious but he's extremely obnoxious! we had to learn how to write the alphabet!Then my FAC's teacher won't shut up about her life and keeps telling us how her daughter dumped her boyfriend or how her mother has osteoporosis! We all just sit there thinking nobody cares! I've honestly thought of stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil because it would be more interesting then these classes!

Well at my usual Saturday soccer game we got our butts handed to us on a silver platter... Seriously, we lost 0-11. But I did make an AMAZING slide tackle! :) My first legal one too! Also this girl bit my elbow... haha or I elbowed her in the mouth! Oops :)

Then to top it all of JESSIE'S MOVING!!! I have no idea how I'm gonna deal because even when she's sick school is extremely boring! Luckily she's only moving half an hour away so we'll probably still hang out. I don't know why but I have a feeling her house isn't going to sell, maybe I'm just being hopeful but normally when i get feelings like this things happen! This one time our school ha da school wide run and I just had the feeling I was going to when, and guess what! I did! It happens with soccer games and test scores too!


  1. OMG.............I feel so bad for you!

  2. wow your friend is moving?? i would like give her the most lovable last years of her life while shes still there!! i have had multiple friends move away and they dont even remember who i am!! even if shes mean or something act like its her last day everyday!! she must feel so depressed!

  3. lol I love the thing about the soccer. I play hockey and my team isn't that great. We used to loose all the time but we got better. and the best thing ever was getting ten million penalties even if we don't win. I dont know what it is about roughing people up but girls are just so drawn to it. o and btw I love your blog. I like just found it and I fell in love with it. Your so amazing!!!