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Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Apology and a Request(:

So first, I just want to apologize because I've been a horrible blogger. So to all of my amazing readers Im incredibly sorry, I hope you forgive me. ;)

I will hopefully be getting a new Ipod soon and when I do my posts will be waaaay more frequent.(:

Now you may have been wondering what my request is, and if you weren't thats too bad cause I'm gonna tell you anyway.(; Well as you know I haven't blogged in way to long so I had an idea tha will make everybody happy! I have a bloggers block and don't have a clue what to post. So if you guys have anything you want me to post about then leave a comment below.

It dosnt even have to be an idea. Like, if you just wanna hear my opinion about something or if you wanna know about my love life or what music I like, or hell, If you wanna know my favorite kind of yogurt. XD I will answer anything.(:



  1. Hi! I would love to see a OOTD, or a post about what color of nail polish. Also, i would love to hear an update from your blog!


  2. Will do!(; also what do you mean by update? :P

  3. Heyyyy! :) Since you need to give me your song list you should just post it on here so other people who follow u know too :) and did u like my song list? :)

    (u better b on my soccer team this year:))

    1. Kay I'll post that!(: it was amazing!! Now I'm obsessed with Tyler Ward! Haha are you back from your vacation? I better be on you team! It'd suck without you! :(