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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inverted Side Braid

So this hairstyle has recently become super popular at my school and I think it's pretty freaking adorable so I decided to do a post on it! I really love how it can be super fancy or really laid back. First you just gather your hair on either side of you head, and put a hair tie in.

Next you split the hair into two sections right above the hair tie, but keep the tie in. take the end of the pony tail and pull it through until its straight again. Its kind of confusing but its very important because it keeps your hair in the braid. Once your done it should look liek and inverted twist.
And lastly, braid the remaining hair. I really hope you guys like this hair style as much as I do! It'll be perfect for summer because its such an easy way to have cute hair and get it out of your way!(:


  1. That's so cute and I love it! But one question! When you say and flip it through till it's straight again, do you pull it through all the way or just half way? Can you explain it in different words? Thanks! just comment on my blog!

    -Meg from

  2. Cuuuuute!(: But... what happened to your posts???

  3. yes what did happen to your posts? I understand that someone from your school died and everything, but i miss your posts! you inspired me to create my own blog and then you just stopped writing!