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Friday, February 24, 2012

E.l.f Review

I'm sure many of you have heard of the brand E.l.f, if not it's a brand that have very cheap make up products(like 1 or 3 dollars for everything). It's kind of a hit and miss brand, so I've decided to do a review on all of the products I've tried by them. They have a promotion on today through the 27, buy one get one free. Use the code "BOGO". It's best if you can buy it in a store such as Target or Hyvee because their shipping takes awhile. I'll have another review in a couple weeks because I'm ordering more products today. Hope this helps!(:

Tinted moisturizer: $3 This looks really good on my tanner friends! Their lightest color is porcelain and it's REALLY dark for porcelain! I have a really light complexion so Its not the best for me. It goes on very smooth and works GREAT for evening skin tone though! looks very natural. I would recommend this for people with medium to darker skin.

Complexion Perfection: $3 This product is used to even out skin tone and absorb oil. You can mix and blend the colors specifically for your own skin tones. Blue neutralizes orange, the Green neutralizes red, the Pink neutralizes grey and the Yellow brightens and neutralizes red. I really like this product! It works great for covering under eye circles (yellow) and for hiding redness (green) which i have a HUGE problem with. It's best for normal, combination and oily skin.

Eyeshadow: $1 Seriously... go buy this! :) It's amazing! And for a dollar you cant go wrong! It doesn't crease, has beautiful pigmentation, and stays on all day.


Water proof eyeliner pen: $1 Don't waste your dollar! seriously! This thing is super hard to open, use and close. It's impossible to use it with out getting it all over your face.

Pencils: $1 ehhh... not the best but not terrible. If I need a cheap eyeliner i would rather buy N.Y.C or wet'Nwild. They are smaller and easier to use, but come with a sharpener. They rub off pretty easily and have decent pigmentation.

Liquid: $1 This stuff is really great! It's super easy to use, colors are great and it goes on really smooth! Totally worth a dollar!

Gel: $3 Really great stuff! Super cheap for a gel and it works better than alot of more expensive brands! Love this stuff! :)

Nail Polish: $2 I have never actually used this but my friend LOVES it and they have some really pretty colors! I'm excited to try the Essential Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish. It transforms any shiny nails into a matte nail polish.

Blemish Kit: $8 I honestly didn't notice an improvement in my skin. I wouldn't recommend this but its cheap enough that you could try it.

All Over Cover Stick: $1 OMG! I love this product so much!(: And its only a dollar! It gives you a really natural, dewy look used as a blush and it looks really awesome on your lips! I have Golden peach which is this GORGEOUS golden color and looks amazing on your lips. The one below is lilac petal which has really good reviews that I'd like to try. My only complaint is that is kind of hard to blend, but other than that I LOVE it!

Zit Zapper: $1 This thing actually works pretty well! And for a dollar you can't go wrong! It lasts forever and has a good design. The product comes out of the container really well and its easy to bring with you to the gym or school.


  1. i love elf products so much!! for the price theyre so good!!!!
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  4. I have the all-over stick, and I love it! I wear it on my cheekbones for some shimmer. That's the only ELF prodcut I've tried, though! You can't go wrong considering the prices!