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Monday, February 6, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New.. Unfortunately

So yesterday I talked to jessie about ditching me for Colby and we worked it all out! :) we ended up at her grandma's house and I kicked her butt in ping pong! :P She later came over so we ate gummy worms and watched the Super Bowl! (Way to go Giants!!) Well during ping pong she looked pretty mad, so of course I asked why, she wouldn't tell me why/who but she did eventually tell me: TaNia (my other bestie) was talking crap about me, telling jessie im "mean" and trying to get Jessie to ditch me! :/ apparently just because I'm single and don't go out with every guy that asks me because I actually care if I like my fist bf or not, I'm bringing her life down. So you try to talk to TaNia but you get ignored.
Gosh I must sound like such a drama freak! Haha seriously, my friends and I NEVER fight so I have no idea what's going on! Well I have been talking to the new girl (Taylor) lately, she's really awesome! :)


  1. OHMIGOD I lovvvve the slinky picture! So awesome!(:

  2. great to here u sorted things out!! check out my blog here:
    it's the one called this is me!